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Time:01:26 am
Alright...I'm going to start calorie counting again. I have been slacking off in that. I've been watching the food I eat...but I haven't been counting my calories. That needs to start again.
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Time:02:17 am
Alright. I haven't updated in FOREVER because I've been TERRIBLY SICK. My daily schedule consisted of: going to class, coming home and sleeping till about 8:00 pm, eating something, sleeping again at 10:00, wake up, go to class, etc.

So, I haven't been exercising. And my foods have been...well, the "dinner" was just whatever was simplest to make or eat. And so I don't think I've lost much weight obviously. BECAUSE...even though I've been so sick, I still have my appetite! AAGH!!!

And also, the entire time I was sick I didn't drink my usual water intake. This is because since I was sleeping so much I didn't want to wake up and go to the bathroom every 2 hours.

Sigh. I've gone through 2 bottles of Nyquil.

ANYWAYS. I am better now. And am ready to start again. Next week I am going to start going to yoga classes with my mom. They are 1 hour and 30 minutes!!! Hopefully I can go three times a week. That with going to the gym at least 4-5 times a week and with my jump roping (I want to do at least 200 everyday, 500 on days I can't make it to the gym), I think I should get back on track with my weight goals.

I do NOT want to get on the scale this week because I don't want to get depressed. So I'll be weighing in next Friday and go from there.

Also, I think I'm getting a dog at the end of this month. There's a puppy I want from a local animal shelter, so hopefully I'll be able to get it soon. I can include dog walks into my life! Hooray! :)
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Time:12:37 am
So I'm going to Hawaii tomorrow to Saturday. Well, let's just say it'll be good thinspiration!! I bought a jump rope so I can jump rope when I can't go to the gym. I want to try to jump rope at least 500 time everyday. We'll see if that happens. I'm taking it to Hawaii so I'll still be able to exercise there. I can exercise in the hotel fitness room too but I can't bring my running shoes because I have no room. :-\ Well, I know I'll still be able to exercise.

Now looking forward to my 145 goal weight next Friday!! I know I can do it!
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Time:12:13 am
I'm so UPSET. I didn't exercise today and I ate so much.

I must have eaten over or at least 1,500 calories. I went to Wendy's (not by choice) and got a chicken sandwich (ran out of fruit bowls) and even ate some FRENCH FRIES. WITH some SAUCE. WHAT'S WRONG WITH ME?!?!

THEN, I came home around 9:40 (which is why I couldn't exercise) and ATE. I went grocery shopping today and I ate a sandwich and veggies with cheese on top. This was around 10:30!!!!!!!!!! AAGH!!!!!!! I'm so upset!!! I was fighting with myself but I just couldn't stop. Once I started eating, I wanted to eat all the things I bought. I first just started with the sandwich, then I made grilled veggies so I could eat mozarella cheese, then I ate some low calorie ice cream. Maybe 3/4 of a cup. That's 125 calories.

I'M SO UPSET!!! Tomorrow I'm going out to eat dinner (sushi) with my mom. I love sushi and want to eat as many pieces and whatever I want, not just sashimi. So, I'm only going to eat 360 calories before dinner:

Special K/Soy Milk: 200
Ice Latte: 160

That way, I can eat up to 800 calories of sushi. I looked on calories per hour and found that california rolls and stuff have a lot more calories then I thought.

I WILL NOT FAIL TOMORROW! I'm not weighing myself tomorrow morning because if I gained I'm going to be too depressed. So, I'm going to weigh myself Monday morning. That way, it'll help keep me motivated over the weekend too.

TOMORROW: at least 400 calories at the gym. AT LEAST.
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Time:09:31 am
Okay so I cheated and went on the scale this morning. I'm between 148 and 149!!! My scale really sucks, I should have gotten the digital one. Anyways, I'm really excited because I was at a solid 150 on Tuesday morning and 155 2 weeks ago!!!

I know it's not water weight I've been losing, I've been drinking all my water everyday for about 3 weeks now (except for Vegas weekend). I've also been pretty consistent in going to the gym.

Hopefully tomorrow I'll be at a solid 148!!! (Although I can tell the numbers 6-9 very clearly on my scale).
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Subject:Plan for the day
Time:12:31 pm
Half Fiber One/Half Special K and Soy Milk- 230
1/3 cup of Special K snack - 40
1 Asian Pear - 115
1 Large Grapefruit - 100
Pork Tenderloins - 350
Steamed veggies - 50
Edamame - 30

Total: 915

I wasn't going to have a ice latte today cus I thought my calories would be high but maybe now I have room for it! Hooray. So with that my total would be 1075. I haven't been eating peanut butter lately because the meats I've eaten have fat and I don't want to eat peanut butter when I'm already consuming lots of fat.

Work out goal...400 calories burned and weights+situps. Hooray.


I didn't end up eating the grapefruit. I'm saving it to eat tomorrow. I also ate a popsicle for dessert, used olive oil to cook the pork, and got the ice latte. So my total is: 1095.

I'm going to see what my weight is on my weigh in day on Friday to see whether or not I should up the calories or keep it around here.
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Subject:now 451
Time:07:42 pm
Fiber cereal/Soy milk: 270
Special K snack: 100
Iced latte: 160
Steak: around 300
Mushrooms: about 10
Olive oil: 240
Popsicle: 25

total: 1105

I don't think the steak was 300 but I ate it with the fat and it was pretty big (although very thin) so I'm just guessing it should be around there.

I want to work out for an hour on the treadmill again tonight. That is, if a certain boy doesn't walk in the gym! Oh dear.


Well I burned 451 calories today. I could have burned more. I had 15 minutes left on the treadmill but a worker came up to me and said they were closing. I was told them I thought they closed at 10...and she shook her head and said "9:45". I asked if they closed at 9:45 every night and she says "yes." Strange, since I've stayed until 10 a lot of times before!!!

Frustrated because I could have burned more, especially since I ate a ton of calories today. Aagh. Scared that maybe I will gain. Since eating the meat last night and tonight, I still feel full even after working out. I don't know if this is normal and just because it's meat with lots of fiber...but I don't know how I will lose weight when I don't feel hungry!! Oh well, we'll see what happens.
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Subject:Plan for the day
Time:11:05 am
I need to figure out my workout schedule...I want to watch American Idol tonight, but the gym closes at 10 and I want to do more than an hour. We'll see what happens.

The good news is, I weighed myself this morning and I'm at a solid 150. So I've maintained throughout the weekend and even dropped 1/2 a pound. So at this point I really don't think I'll make 145 by Friday, so I made a new set of weight goals (I actually planned this new weight goal last week):

this friday: 148
march 11: 145
march 25: 142
april 8: 140
april 22: 138
may 6 : 136
may 20: 134
june 3: 132
june 17: 130
july 1: 128
july 15: 126
july 29: 124
august 12: 122
august 26: 120
september 9: 118
september 23: 116
october 7: 114
october 21: 112
november 4: 110
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Time:10:00 pm
I burned 560 calories on the treadmill today! This brings my net total to: 493. Awesome! I think this eating meat for dinner thing is a good idea. I'm not hungry at all. Usually I'm pretty hungry after I work out at night but right now my stomache is content and still slightly full!!

I feel good about the calories...


I saw my crush at the gym when I was finishing up on the treadmill. This is a guy I kinda know and crush from "afar." Haha. I HATE running into people I know at the gym. I get so self-conscious. I was planning on working out for 30 min. on the elliptical after the treadmill...but after I worked out on the treadmill I just did some situps and weights and RAN out of there!!! I think he saw me..we didn't make eye contact or anything though.

AAGh. I've been at the gym at the same time everytime and I've never seen him there before. I hate this!! I pray he's not there tomorrow night!! Haha oh dear.
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Subject:Post Weekend
Time:05:18 pm
Well, I was way too chicken to weigh myself this morning. The weekend went pretty okay. I tried to make smart decisions (salmon for dinner instead of fettucine) and didn't drink a lot. I didn't get to exercise Friday, Saturday and Sunday so that's why I'm not sure what the scale was going to say this morning. I also didn't get to drink all my water everyday (5 hour car ride...didn't want to keep asking to pull over to go pee). Today I ate pretty well. I think I'm going to up my calorie intake to around 1,000. And my goals for calories burned are at least 350 everyday.

Today I was craving meat like crazy so I went to Whole Foods Market and spent a fortune ($19) on a fat juicy rib veal. It was delicious. I think I'm going to buy more and more meats and eat that with veggies (when I can afford it).

Veal: 213
Olive oil: 240
Cereal/Milk: 200
Asparagus, mushrooms: about 50
1 large grapefruit: 100
K-smart bar: 90
Iced caffe latte: 160

Total: 1053

I'm going to work out and lift weights for 2 hours today. Maybe I'll weigh myself tomorrow morning to see if anything happened over the weekend. And it'll also let me know what I need to do to make my weight goal on Friday.
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